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First of all, if you are looking at this page, THANK YOU for your support! We promise to give your clients the best treatment possible and to do all we can to help them improve their lives. 

Life Recovery Center treats adults aged 18 and over for issues related to substance abuse and addiction, mental health, disordered gambling, anger, and domestic violence.

Referral Form: Online | Printable | Referral App

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Services: Substance Abuse & Addiction | Mental Health | Problem Gambling | DV Batterers Intervention and Anger Management | PRIME For Life | Mental Health Assessment

Making a Referral
The process for making an initial appointment at LRC is very simple. You may call and make the appointment for the client yourself, or you may instruct the client to call. Our number is (317) 887-3290. If you'd prefer that our office make initial contact with the client, simply send us this completed REFERRAL FORM with any referral paperwork and we will contact the client to schedule their initial appointment.


During the initial call, one of our administrative staff will gather basic information about the client and schedule their initial appointment. We ask that clients be sure to provide a photo I.D., any referral and/or legal paperwork, and the initial intake/assessment fee of $80.00 or insurance information. If applicable, we will be sure to get any needed releases of information signed in the initial appointment so we can communicate with you and/or your agency on the client's progress in treatment.


Any information you can share regarding the client's needs is helpful (as always, please make sure you have a signed release). For criminal justice clients, please e-mail or fax (317.672.6312) any referral and/or legal paperwork beforehand if possible. Please see below for referral information specific to the different types of services and programs we offer.


Financial Assistance
We have financial assistance and a sliding fee scale available for clients who qualify. We screen every client for financial assistance and funding assistance eligibility. Please note that Life Recovery Center accepts Medicaid and is a participating provider in the Recovery Works program and the Indiana Problem Gambling Awareness Program.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions about financial and funding options for clients. 


We are a Medicaid Provider and are also able to bill third-party insurance for clients receiving individual counseling. If a client does not have insurance, this is NOT A PROBLEM! We specialize in treating individuals who are uninsured and can assure you that our rates are just as cheap or cheaper than most insurance co-pays. We will do everything we can to make treatment affordable for anyone and everyone; regardless of their financial situation.


Communicating with referral sources is part of our specialty. We treat clients referred from a variety of sources, including probation offices, courts, medical doctors, attorneys, military, DOT, MICCS, DCS, EAPs, re-entry programs, hospitals, and more. In our initial meeting with the client, we will obtain the necessary release of information forms so we can communicate with the client's referral source(s) as needed. We help our clients ensure that they are complying with any mandated requirements and do all we can to make sure that referral sources have accurate and prompt information. We can send progress reports on a weekly, monthly, or even daily basis as needed. 


Referral Information on Specific Services 
Substance Abuse & Addiction, Mental Health, and Disordered Gambling Referrals: The client's initial appointment will include multiple screenings and a biopsychosocial assessment as well as all of the intake paperwork and enrollment agreements for services (if needed). With a signed release, you will be notified immediately of our findings and the recommended course of treatment, etc. A schedule of our groups is available here.


PRIME For Life Education Referrals: The client simply needs to call our office and register for an upcoming class. We offer PRIME Education courses on weekends (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday).  A schedule of our PRIME classes is available here. With our convenient schedule, clients can complete their PRIME obligation in a single weekend! More info on PRIME For Life Education classes can be found here.


Domestic Violence Batterers Intervention Program (BIP) and Anger Management Referrals: The client simply needs to contact our office to enroll. The facilitator will meet with them before the start of the group session and again afterward to answer any questions, orient them to the program, and fill out the enrollment paperwork.  


Individual Therapy Referrals: You or the client may call our office and schedule an initial appointment with one of our therapists. We can bill Medicaid as well as private insurance for individual therapy sessions. If a client would like to use insurance to pay for individual counseling sessions, please have them print out and complete THIS FORM to bring with them to their initial session. 


If you have any additional questions about referring a client to Life Recovery Center, please don't hesitate to call us at (317) 887-3290 x0 or e-mail our Practice Manager, Summer Mefford.

Referral Form: If you'd prefer that we initiate contact with the client, you can send THIS REFERRAL FORM along with any referral paperwork and we will get in touch with the client within two (2) business days.


Payment Information: If you have questions regarding payment options, Medicaid, insurance, funding assistance, etc. Please contact our Practice Manager, Summer Mefford, at 317.887.3290 x112

Send referral information to us:

Fax: 317.672.6312

E-Mail our Practice Manager: Summer Mefford

Thank you for the opportunity to serve your clients!

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