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Disclaimer: Some of the videos below were not created by and are not owned by Life Recovery Center (LRC) ,and are the sole property of the videos' creators. None of these videos are hosted on LRC's servers & unless otherwise noted were not uploaded to the internet by LRC. If you believe that your copyrighted video is in this index, please address the responsible third party that's hosting said video. Determine the host by clicking on the YouTube logo and visiting the video's source. LRC is embedding links to these YouTube videos for educational purposes concerning mental health and addiction recovery. No copyright infringement is intended.

Addiction Vs. Chemical Dependency

In this short video, LRC's Dr. Eric Davis explains the difference between addiction and chemical dependency in simple terms. 

Russell Brand speaks at the 2012 Committee on Addiction

Comedian Russell Brand is a deeply devoted advocate of addiction recovery. He offers fantastic insights and advocates for the treatment of the disease of addiction. In this video, he speaks to the 2012 Committee on Addiction and notes the importance of treating addiction as a disease rather than a moral deficiency.

The Monster of Addiction

Dr. Eric L. Davis discusses the progression of substance usage in addiction.

The Recovery Raft

Dr. Eric L. Davis discusses relapse prevention in the context of a 'recovery raft.'

Signs of Alcohol Use & Withdrawal

Dr. Eric L. Davis discusses signs of alcohol use and withdrawal.

Emerging Trends in Substance Abuse

Dr. Eric L. Davis discusses emerging trends in substance abuse.

Joe and Charlie A.A. Big Book Study

Joe and Charlie offer an extensive study of the Big Book. An excellent resource!

Chemical Addiction vs. Process Addiction

Dr. Patrick Carnes briefly discusses the difference between chemical addiction and process/behavioral addiction.

Addicted at Birth: Babies Born Hooked on Heroin

LRC's Dr. Eric Davis is featured at 7:05.

The Twelve Steps of A.A. with Father Martin

The late Father Martin discusses the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Teens and Substance Abuse

Video made by University High School students here in Indiana to promote addiction recovery. They did an amazing job!

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