Peer Recovery


Helping Hands

A Peer Recovery Coach is a person who helps remove personal and environmental obstacles to recovery, links the newly recovering person to the recovery community, and serves as a personal guide and mentor in the application and management of ongoing personal and family recovery. Such supports are generated by mobilizing volunteer resources within the recovery community or provided by the recovery coach where such natural support networks are lacking.

– William White

Chelsea Sturgill


Peer Recovery Coach

Life Recovery Center makes our Peer Recovery Coaching program available for anyone who needs additional support and/or assistance during their recovery journey.


Our Peer Recovery Coaches can assist you with a variety of services to help you achieve your recovery goals!


Some examples of areas in which Peer Recovery Coaches can assist you are:

  • Recovery coaching & ongoing support

  • Relapse prevention & recovery planning

  • Accountability

  • Transportation

  • Goal setting

  • Connection to and applying for health insurance benefits

  • Referrals

  • Help with applying for various forms of government assistance including food assistance/SNAP benefits, TANF, free cell phone, section 8, etc.

  • Housing options

  • Childcare

  • Self-esteem

  • Impulse and anger control

  • Finances (budgeting)

  • Stress management

  • Time management

  • Coping/communication skills for relationships (friends, family, romantic)

  • Nutrition

  • And anything else you feel may assist you in your recovery!



The goal of our Peer Recovery Coaching program is to help provide you with everything we can to assist you in your recovery journey.




Specific questions about our Peer Recovery Coaching services should be directed to our Peer Recovery Coach, Chelsea Sturgill.