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12-Step Meeting Schedules, Organizations, Support and Literature

Local Indianapolis-Area Narcotics Anonymous Meeting Schedule

Local Indianapolis-Area Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting Schedule

Local Indianapolis-Area Cocaine Anonymous Meeting Schedule

Online Meetings and More

Read the AA Big Book Online

NA Recovery Literature

Free Downloads of Recovery Speakers, including the "Joe and Charlie" tapes

Alcoholics Anonymous Official Website

Narcotics Anonymous Official Website

Cocaine Anonymous Official Website

Marijuana Anonymous

Crystal Meth Anonymous

Heroin Anonymous

Overeaters Anonymous

Gamblers Anonymous

Pills Anonymous

Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous

Nicotine Anonymous

Sex Addicts Anonymous

Debtors Anonymous

Workaholics Anonymous

Codependents Anonymous

Drug Addicts Anonymous

Al-Anon - For families and friends of alcoholics.

Nar-Anon - For families and friends of addicts.

Gam-Anon - For families and friends of gambling addicts.

S-Anon - For families and friends of sex addicts.

Indiana Problem Gambling Awareness Program (IPGAP)

Parents of Addicted Loved Ones (PAL) Group



Domestic Violence Resources

Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence (ICADV)

Domestic Violence Network

National Council on Domestic Violence (NCDV)



Education and Spirituality - an Amazing resource for information on A.A. and it's founder, Bill W.

Let's Ask Bill W...

Mouse Party - Excellent resource for learning how drugs affect the brain.

The Bible and Recovery - Book about what scripture says about recovery by Life Recovery Center's own Dr. Eric Davis

SAHMSA Database - Extensive database of topics/statistics on substance abuse.

Substance Abuse & Mental Health Data Archive - The world-famous Late Father Joseph Martin offers profound insight into the world of recovery.

Hazelden - Wonderful resource for educational materials for individuals and therapists alike. - Excellent spiritual resource.

Dr. Paul Leon Masters - Dr. Masters gives a weekly lecture that is metaphysical in nature.

The Effects of Drugs on the Heart

Detox Withdrawal Symptoms

Alcohol-Related Medical Conditions



Meditation - Great site including free audio guided meditations.

Insight Meditation

What is Meditation? - Article by Franz Metcalf.

How to Meditate - Meditation has been proven to be of great benefit to individuals in recovery. Excellent YouTube video.

How to Meditate - Guided meditation techniques.

Meditation Timer - Excellent tool to assist in meditation.



National and Local Addiction Organizations 

Drug Free Marion County (DFMC)

Indiana Counselors Association on Alcohol and Drug Abuse (ICAADA)

Indiana Association of Addiction Professionals (IAAP)

National Association of Addiction Professionals (NAADAC)

International Credentialing & Reciprocity Consortium/Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse (IC&RC)

Indiana Addiction Issues Coalition (IAIC)

National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)

Drug-Free America

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)

National Association for Christian Recovery (NACR)

Indiana Problem Gambling Awareness Program (IPGAP)

National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG)

Drug & Alcohol Rehab Guide



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