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On-Call Therapists and Counselors


Outpatient Addiction Treatment Program


Virtual, Greenwood, Lawrence, Speedway, Broad Ripple


PRN / Part-Time / As-Needed


$40-$75/hour based on education, experience, and licensure status.



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General Info

General Information

Seeking both masters and bachelors-level individuals to cover addiction treatment groups as needed.

Eligibility Requirements

Minimum bachelor's degree in social work or related field - or - certification as CADAC II or higher.

About Life Recovery Center

Proudly serving our community since 2004, Life Recovery Center is an outpatient facility specializing in the treatment of substance abuse and addiction, mental health, disordered gambling, domestic violence, and related issues. With multiple office locations around the Indianapolis area, we serve individuals and families in and around the Indianapolis area. We focus on many issues affecting the well-being of our clients including substance abuse and addiction, psychological and emotional issues, social and family relationships, personal and professional goals, wellness, spirituality, and coping with trauma and life stressors.

We are accredited by CARF International and certified by the Indiana FSSA Division of Mental Health & Addiction (DMHA), the Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence (ICADV), and the Indiana Problem Gambling Awareness Program (IPGAP). 


Life Recovery Center offers specialized services designed to assist our clients in not only getting sober and healthy but in developing and maintaining a sober and healthy lifestyle. 

Eligibility Requiremets
About Life Recovery Center
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