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About Teletherapy

Teletherapy (often called telehealth or virtual therapy) is the delivery of mental health therapy via the Internet. While teletherapy is not new, it has grown increasingly popular during recent years. Life Recovery Center offers telehealth as a way of utilizing technology to assist individuals throughout the state of Indiana whose location or work schedule may not provide easy access to treatment services. Our telehealth treatment programs are here to provide individuals with the therapeutic help and support they need, all from the comfort of home!


What is teletherapy?

Teletherapy is when a client meets with a therapist through online technology. It is not much unlike face-to-face therapy in that you and the therapist can both see and hear each other in real-time over an internet connection using your computer or smartphone. 


Is teletherapy effective?

Absolutely! Several studies have been conducted to determine how therapy can best be delivered remotely. It has been found that the most effective teletherapy approach is when services are delivered online in the same format as individual in-person sessions, which is what we do.


Why do teletherapy and not meet in person?

While you are welcome to attend services in person at one of our office locations, many of our clients have found teletherapy to be a great fit. Some of the reasons clients have given range from simple convenience to having to schedule around a busy work schedule, not having to spend time and money to travel the distance to our office, and more. Teletherapy has made it possible for us to provide our therapy services to individuals from all over the state of Indiana; with neither the client nor therapist having to travel. Some individuals simply prefer meeting with a therapist online because they find it more comfortable to do so in the comfort of their homes.


What technology do I need for teletherapy?

All you need is a smartphone or computer that has a webcam, speakers, and a microphone. These days, most smartphones, desktop computers, and laptop computers come equipped with all of these included as part of their standard product. For the purpose of protecting your confidentiality, we must insist that you attend the session alone from a private, quiet room, away from excessive noise or where people may hear you in the session. 


Is the technology HIPAA Compliant?

Absolutely! We wouldn't dream of using it if it wasn't! Protecting your confidentiality and providing a safe environment for therapy is our top priority. 


What treatment services are available via telehealth?

All of them!

Yes, ALL of them. We are pleased to offer our clients the option of attending any of our services via telehealth. This includes assessments, individual therapy, group therapy, substance abuse treatment, gambling treatment, batterers intervention, anger management, and education classes. We offer our full-scale treatment program via teletherapy. To participate, clients need a secure internet connection and a smartphone or computer that has a webcam, speakers, and a microphone. For information on admission to Life Recovery Center's virtual programs, please contact us.

I'm court-referred. Will the court accept telehealth services?

While most do, please be sure to double-check with your referral source to ensure that they will accept telehealth services. Determining the acceptance of telehealth sessions is the sole responsibility of the participant. 

Telehealth Requirements

In order to protect the confidentiality of yourself and others in the online group, we must ask that you adhere to the following requirements. Please understand that failure to adhere to these requirements puts the group's confidentiality at risk and will result in your being excluded from attending the session:

  • You must log in and attend the group alone from a quiet, private, confidential room with no background noise. Please do not log in to the meeting from outside or in a public place where others may be able to see or hear anything taking place in the group session.

  • You must enable your webcam or video so the therapist and other participants can see and hear you. While taking place online, this is still a group therapy session, so it is important that we take the same precautions to ensure participants' confidentiality is protected and that the online session is as much like an in-person group therapy session as possible.


What about group therapy?

Can I do group therapy sessions in an online format?

Yes. Our treatment programs are available via teletherapy. To participate, clients need a secure internet connection, a quiet and private room, and a smartphone or computer that has a webcam, speakers, and a microphone.

What are online groups like?

In the session, participants are required to utilize their webcam and microphone, so you will be able to see and hear the therapist and other participants just like you would in person. Many participants wonder what an online group looks like. In short, you see the therapist and other participants in boxes on your screen.

Can I use my health insurance to pay for telehealth services?

Yes. Medicaid will pay for telehealth services. Be sure to check with your insurance provider to verify telehealth services will be covered.


I've never done teletherapy, and I'm not sure if it is going to be a good fit for me. Is there a way to try it out?

Yes. Life Recovery Center has always offered a FREE 15-minute phone consultation to give potential clients an opportunity to speak to one of our therapists to see how our agency might be able to help or to assist them in finding another agency if we're not the best fit. If you're interested in seeing what online therapy with us is like, we're more than happy to schedule a FREE 15-minute consultation that takes place online rather than on the phone. 


If you're interested in trying it out, simply call us at 317.887.3290 x0 or e-mail us and request a FREE online consultation. After scheduling a date and time for the consultation, you will receive an e-mail containing login information. When the scheduled time for the consultation arrives, you simply click on the link you were sent to connect with the therapist. 


Ready to get started?

Simply call our office at 317.887.3290 x0, and we will schedule you for an online session as soon as possible.