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About Online Therapy

Online therapy is the delivery of mental health therapy via the Internet. People also know it as

e-therapy or e-counseling, distance therapy, internet therapy, and web therapy. Below are answers

to some of our most frequently asked questions regarding online therapy.


What is online therapy?

Online therapy is when a client meets with a therapist through online technology. It is not much unlike face-to-face therapy in that you and the therapist can both see and hear each other in real-time over an internet connection using your computer or smartphone. 


Is online therapy effective?

Absolutely! Several studies have been conducted to determine how therapy can best be delivered remotely. It has been found that the most effective online therapy approach is when services are delivered online in the same format as individual in-person sessions, which is what we do.


Why do online therapy and not meet in person?

Many individuals have found online therapy to be a great fit. Some of the reasons we've had clients mention have ranged from simple convenience to having to schedule around a busy work schedule, not having to spend time and money to travel the distance to our office, and more. Online therapy has made it possible for us to provide our therapy services to individuals from all over the state of Indiana; without either the client or therapist having to travel. Some individuals simply prefer meeting with a therapist online because they find it more comfortable to do so in the comfort of their home.


What technology do I need for online therapy?

All you need is a smartphone or computer that has a webcam, speakers, and a microphone. These days, most smartphones, desktop computers, and laptop computers come equipped with all of these included as part of their standard product. For the purpose of protecting your confidentiality, we insist that you attend the session alone from a private, quiet room, away from excessive noise or where people may hear you in the session. 


Is the technology HIPAA Compliant?

Absolutely! We wouldn't dream of using it if it wasn't! Protecting your confidentiality and providing a safe environment for therapy is our top priority. 


Can I do group therapy sessions in an online format?

Yes. In addition to online individual therapy sessions, we are now offering our Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) group therapy sessions online. You can learn more and sign-up for our Online MAT Group therapy sessions at We are also currently looking at the feasibility of offering our other group therapy sessions (IOP, Outpatient, Aftercare, etc.) in an online format.


I've never done online therapy, and I'm not sure if it is going to be a good fit for me. Is there a way to try it out?

Yes. Life Recovery Center has always offered a FREE 15-minute phone consultation to give potential clients an opportunity to speak to one of our therapists to see how our agency might be able to help or to assist them in finding another agency if we're not the best fit. If you're interested in trying out what online therapy with us is like, we're more than happy to schedule a FREE 15-minute consultation that takes place online using our software rather than on the phone. 


If you're interested in trying it out, simply call us at 317.887.3290 x0 or e-mail us and request a FREE online consultation. After scheduling a date and time for the consultation, you will receive an e-mail containing login instructions and a "meeting I.D." When the scheduled time for the consultation arrives, you simply visit the link you were e-mailed and type in the meeting I.D. to connect with the therapist. 


Ready to get started?

Simply call our office at 317.887.3290 x0, and we will schedule you for an online session with the therapist of your choosing as soon as possible.


If you plan to use your insurance to pay for your e-therapy sessions, please visit our insurance page for additional information.



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